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India enters lockdown fifth phase with relaxation, exit plans

India enters lockdown fifth phase with relaxation, exit plans

News Desk: The Indian government
Saturday announced extension of the
nationwide lockdown, with
relaxations and gradual exit plans,
till June 30.

In containment zones till June 30,
only essential activities will be
allowed, the Ministry of Home
Affairs said.

Containment zones will be demarcated
by the district authorities after
taking into consideration the
guidelines of the Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

The government issues new guidelines
for phased reopening of all
activities outside containment zones
for the next one month.

Exit and entry will be strictly
controlled and there will be
intensive contact tracing and house-
to-house surveillance in these
areas, the centre said.

There will be no restrictions on the
movement of people or goods within
states and between states.

However, if a State/ UT, based on
reasons of public health and its
assessment of the situation,
proposes to regulate movement of
persons, it would give wide
publicity in advance regarding the
restrictions to be placed on such
movement, and the related procedures
to be followed, MHA said.

“Movement of individuals shall
remain strictly prohibited between 9
pm to 5 am throughout the country,
except for essential activities,”
said MHA.

According to the guidelines in phase
I, religious places and places of
worship for public; hotels,
restaurants and other hospitality
services; and shopping malls; will
be permitted to open from June 8,

Further, in phase II, Schools,
colleges, educational/ training/
coaching institutions etc., will be
opened after consultations with
States and UT.

In phase III, dates for their
opening of International air travel
of passengers; operation of Metro
Rail; cinema halls, gymnasiums,
swimming pools, entertainment parks
etc will be decided based on
assessment of the situation, reports
The Statesman.

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