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White House on lockdown as Floyd protests reach US capital amid nationwide rage

White House on lockdown as Floyd protests reach US capital amid nationwide rage

WASHINGTON, May 29: The White House

has been under lockdown as protests

spread to the U.S. capital on

Friday, the fourth day of nationwide

demonstrations over the death of

George Floyd, an unarmed black man,

in Minneapolis police custody,

reports Xinhua.

Media footage, including on the CNN,

showed anarchy reigning supreme amid

arson, looting and fisticuffs

between the protesters and police in

almost all major cities, including

Washington, DC, and New York,

despite Covid restrictions.

Online video showed hundreds of

protesters gathered in Lafayette

Park just outside the White House,

chanting "No justice, no peace." One

protester sprayed the Freedman's

Bank Building while some other

protesters clashed with Secret

Service personnel, witnesses said.

The doors to the White House

briefing room have also been locked

and Secret Service officers are not

letting anyone off White House

grounds, local media reported.

"Secret Service personnel are

currently assisting other law

enforcement agencies during a

demonstration in Lafayette Park. In

the interest of public safety we

encourage all to remain peaceful,"

the Secret Service tweeted

Floyd, aged 46, died on Monday

evening shortly after Derek Chauvin,

a white police officer, held him

down with a knee on his neck though

he repeatedly pleaded, "I can't

breathe," and "please, I can't

breathe." Chauvin was arrested and

charged with three-degree murder and

manslaughter earlier on Friday.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on

Friday imposed a mandatory nighttime

curfew beginning Friday night

following three straight nights of

growing protests and violence in the

biggest city in U.S. Midwest state


However, protests over Floyd's death

continued on Friday night in

Minneapolis and a number of other

cities, local media reported, saying

that more protests are expected to

take place across the country

through the weekend.

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