Dhaka, Bangladesh
Corona taking higher tolls: 3 more dead, 35 infected

Corona taking higher tolls: 3 more dead, 35 infected

Total deaths 12, confirmed cases rise to 123

News Report:
Bangladesh coronavirus casualties
show an upturn with three more
confirmed deaths and a geometrically
rising number of infections at 35
Monday against previous day's 18.
A high official is among the three
victims of the pandemic that is
threatening to change the
demographic face of the glove.
”So far, 123 people have been
infected in Bangladesh and 35 in the
last 24 hours. Another three have
died in the past 24 hours,” said
IEDCR director Prof Meerjady Sabrina
Flora in an online briefing at the
Directorate General of Health
Services (DGHS) on Monday afternoon.
”One of the three deceased was
identified a week ago. He was on
ventilator support. We’ve identified
those who came in contact with him
and quarantined them. The other two
died shortly after coming to the
hospital...These two are from
Narayanganj,” she added.
Dr Flora said no new patient
recovered from the disease, keeping
the total number of recoveries the
same as before.
She mentioned that Narayanganj will
be treated as a ‘hotspot’ zone of
coronavirus and various steps will
be taken to contain the virus from
spreading wider.
Prof Flora mentioned the highest
number of patients among the total
infected people is from Dhaka and
next comes Narayanganj.
”Among the identified patients in
the last 24 hours, 12 are from
Narayanganj...Of the 35 new infected
patients, 30 are men and five women.
So far, the total number of patients
in Dhaka is 64, the highest,
followed by Narayanganj where 24
people are affected,” she said.
Eleven of the newly infected are
aged between 41 and 50. There’re
also six people aged 21 to 30, she
said, adding that detailed
information will be available on the
IEDCR website.
Contact tracing is still ongoing for
the 35 newly-infected people while
the tracing of 88 previously
identified patients has been
Earlier, Health Minister Zahid
Maleque said four people died of
coronavirus and 29 others tested
positive in the last 24 hours.
About the difference in figures
given by the Health Minister and the
IEDCR director DGHS Director Dr Abul
Kalam Azad said the number the
minister had provided was factually
correct as reports of six more
patients were submitted later.
”The correct number of deaths in the
past 24 hours is three as there was
confusion regarding the misspelled
name of a deceased. Later, it was
verified that three people have
actually died, not four. This is
accurate information,” he added.
Dr Abul Kalam Azad said the evidence
of cluster-based transmission has
been spotted. “We’ve found cases in
15 districts but we’re considering
those as clusters where two or more
patients have been identified within
a close area. We’ve found such
clusters in Dhaka city (Basabo,
Mirpur, Narayanganj, Gaibandha and
Madaripur,” he said.
The Health Minister rang the alarm
bell to forewarn that the next 30
days will be a crucial period for
In the last 24 hours, 367 samples
out of 468 collected have been
tested across the country.
Besides, 709 people have been sent
into home quarantine and 30 into
institutional quarantine in the past
24 hours.
He said 23 people have been sent
into isolation during the period.
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