Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Daily corona cases shoot up to 2523, deaths jump to 23

Recovery also record high at 590

News Report: Daily corona cases in

Bangladesh shot up to 2523 and

deaths also made another long leap

up to 23, health officials disclosed


Recovery from the global epidemic

also registered a record high at 590

during the last 24 hours.

A day before, on Thursday, the

single-day detection of cases was

the highest by then at 2029 but

deaths dropped below 20 mark, to 15.

The number of people cured was 1500.

The sharp rise in the incidences of

infection and casualty warrants far

better preventive and curative

measures both medically and

behaviorally in the 'new normal'

being created globally by the worst

pandemic in a c...  read more>>

UN chief greets PM on Int’l Day of UN Peacekeepers

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