Dhaka, Bangladesh
No going back into lockdown

No going back into lockdown

Quader says as govt tightens anti-corona restrictions

News Report:
Ruling-party leader and transport minister
Obaidul Quader ruled out the possibility
of a full-scale lockdown in Bangladesh as
the government is taking all-out
preparations to face a 'second wave' of
covid-19 infections.

Meanwhile, full-scale nationwide lockdown
seems to be a forgotten term in the
corona-coined lexicon even in most western
countries though now witnessing resurgence
in the pandemic. And people are getting
restriction-fatigued and registering
protests against fresh curbs on movement
and activity.

As such, health experts suggest
tightening protective measures for outdoor
activities, like mandatory mask use, hand
sanitizing and physical distancing.

“A full-scale virus lockdown isn’t
possible in Bangladesh. What India did
wasn’t very effective,” he told reporters
at his ministry on Tuesday.

Asked if a lockdown would be imposed,
Quader, the number-two man in the ruling
Awami League, said it was not on the
cards. “Some restrictions may be put in
place but nothing of this sort
(lockdown),” he said.

But, Quader said, people’s lives come
first and the government would make “tough
choices” considering the virus-outbreak

“Masks must be used, [and] that’s a tough
decision … people will be fined if they
don’t wear masks, the prime minister is
very strict in this matter,” he said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is monitoring
the virus situation herself. “The
government has preparations,” he said.

Bangladesh reported 2,419 new coronavirus
cases in 24 hours until Monday, pushing up
the tally to 449,760. The country recorded
28 more Covid-19 deaths during the period,
taking fatalities to 6,416 with a
mortality rate of 1.43 percent. In the
last seven days, 201 people lost their
lives to Covid-19.

And on Tuesday, health officials reported
higher daily casualties at 32 and 2230
fresh cases.

Prime Minister Hasina has been warning the
people of a possible second Covid-19 wave
and urging everyone to wear masks and
properly follow health guidelines.

Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam
on Monday said the administration would go
tough on people who won’t wear masks.

The Prime Minister has asked the
authorities concerned to carry out a
larger campaign and force people to wear
masks, he said.

The government has already implemented a
‘no mask, no service’ policy while mobile
courts are being operated to ensure the
use of masks.

Bangladesh has signed a deal for 30
million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine being
developed by Oxford University and
manufactured by AstraZeneca.

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on
Monday said that late-stage trials showed
its coronavirus vaccine was up to 90
percent effective.

With inputs from UNB, media reports

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