Dhaka, Bangladesh
Eid passes off in sombre mode

An outdoor festival confined indoors

Eid passes off in sombre mode

News Report:

Eid passed off in a sombre mode in Bangladesh as also in other countries amid news of disease and death everywhere.

It's a sordid fact of life created by a pandemic that coerced people of Islamic faith into observing indoors an outdoor festival called Eid-ul-Fitr amid an ambiance of fear of contagion instead of cheers of fulfillment religious ordain and ordeals.

The day before eid, on Sunday, deaths from the novel coronavirus marked a record high at 28 with hundreds of people infected and on the day of eid in Bangladesh, Monday,infections from the virus hit a new high at 1975 with 21 people dead. Among the dead were a former lawmaker and Awami League leader and a police inspector. Such is the circumstance, wherein enjoyment, entertainment or amusement should obviously look to be a thing of the past.

It was an eid sans eidgah, no handshake and

embracing, no outdoor rejoiching--a

new normal which characterises the

ambiance of the great religious festival this time.

The holy Eid-al-Fitr, the biggest

Muslim festival marking the end of

month-long daytime fasting and

abstinence,commenced Monday

in Bangladesh, a day later than

envisaged, as the new moon was not

seen in the country on Saturday


This time around, much of the gaiety

of the great occasion was missing here as everywhere across

the globe because of nationwide

lockdowns amid the coronavirus

pandemic that is taking huge toll of

lives every passing day.

"No eid congregation at any eidgah,

neither at the national eidgah. Say

eid prayer at a nearby mosque," said

a government guideline attuned to

the universal health guidelines that

call for 'social distancing' to

avert social transmission of the

novel coronavirus that transmit from

man to man and thus drives a wedge

between them to jeopardise harmony

which is a main message of eid and

is demonstrated through hugging and

embracing after the congregation.

In the Arab world, the moon

appeared in sight on Saturday

evening and the eid was

observed Sunday amid much tougher

restrictions than here, curfew at

the extreme, including in Saudi

Arabia, the custodian of the two

holiest sites--Makkah and Madinah--

in order to contain the pandemic

virus. Bangladesh has been under

lockdown since Mar 26 amid a surge

in coronavirus cases and deaths

across the country.

In an effort to limit the spread of

the disease, the government has

placed several restrictions on

public life, asking citizens to

shelter in place and avoid

gatherings to maintain social-

distancing rules.

Similarly, restrictions were also

imposed on congregational prayers at

mosques to limit the risk of

contagion although the government

decided to relax the curbs as long

as devotees followed a set of safety


The government, however, urged

Muslims not to offer Eid Al-Fitr

prayers in congregations at Eidgah

or on open grounds, but at mosques,

to reduce the risk of coronavirus


Worshippers were requested to

offer eid prayers at nearby mosques

in their localities.

Notwithstanding the interdictions,

however, a section of people in

droves left the capital and

other cities for their native homes,

stoking fear among health experts

that they may be carrying tears

instead of cheers for their near and

dear ones because of spread of the

virus in 'geometric progression' in


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