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Corona surge towards peak in Bangladesh: 24 die in 24hrs

Corona surge towards peak in Bangladesh: 24 die in 24hrs

1694 more infections take total cases over 30,000

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A yet louder wake-up call came from the health authorities for people not to leave their stations as the corona incidence surges on a higher trajectory with the highest daily deaths confirmed Friday at 24.

"Today we begin with an appeal-- please stay where you are. You had better not carry risk of contagion to your family...," said a health- department spokesperson while disclosing the daily tallies of infection and death in the country from the global pandemic.

The latest fatalities from the viral infection in the last 24 hours took the death toll in Bangladesh to 432, while the global figure ballooned to over 3.35 lakh.

During the period, a further surge in the croronavirus with recorded 1,694 new patients raised the total cases to 30,205. The latest world total was over 52 lakh cases.

Additional Director- General of the Directorate

General of Health Services (DGHS) Prof Dr Nasima Sultana came up with the disclosure at its daily online briefing, with the renewed call in its preface as people in defiance of stay-at-home order are on pre-festival exodus from the capital where the Covid-19 seems to be endemic with maximum numbers of cases and casualties.

Taking a cue from the growing incidence of the highly infectious virus and eid rush of homebound people, some publi-health experts and viriologists aired despair as to where the country is heading for, where and how far the peak to be found.

"I'm not sure whether we are going to get trapped in a long-lasting cycle of contagion," said Dr Be-Nazir Ahmed in a media anatomy of the menace.

A microbiologist, Dr Mostaque Ahmed, suggested stricter enforcement of the lockdown before and after the eid to stem the tide of people in and out of the high-incidence cities like Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gazipur and Chattogram.

In the last 24 hours, 47 coronavirus-testing laboratories across the country tested 9727 samples, Dr Sultana said.

She also said that in the last 24 hours 588 coronavirus-infected people made full recovery in the country which raised the total number of recoveries to 6,190.

Against the total number of detected cases, the recovery rate is 20.49 percent and mortality rate 1.43 percent in Bangladesh, Dr Nasima said.

Bangladesh had reported the record number of new coronavirus cases,1,773, until Thursday morning. Previous number of the highest deaths in 24 hours, 22, was recorded the same day as well.

Among the deceased, 13 were from Dhaka division, nine from Chattogram division, one from Barishal division and another from Mymensingh division.

Out of the 24 victims ,15 died at the hospital and eight died at home while another was declared dead after arriving at the hospital.

"Their age analysis says five were aged between 21 and 30 years, three between 31 and 40, two between 41 and 50, five between 51 and 60, six between 61 and 70, two between 71 and 80, and another between 81 and 90 years," she said.

Dr Nasima noted that 17 private hospitals and diagnostic centers have been authorised to conduct RT-PCR test to detect COVID-19 infection. "14 of those are in Dhaka, two in Chattogram and one in Bagura."

Besides, 225 more people were taken into isolation across the country in the last 24 hours while 2,560 were home and institutionally quarantined during the same period.

"Some 626 institutions are ready for institutional quarantine in district and upazila levels. 31,840 people can be served immediately through these organisations," Dr Nasima said.

The greater arrangements indicate the government is prepared to anticipated surge in cases in the event there be 'herd immunity' situation, analysts say.

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