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Rajshahi region's rail communications cut off

Rajshahi region's rail communications cut off

Salvage drags on as entire freight train derailed, engineer suspended

News Desk: Rail communications to and from Rajshahi were cut off on Thursday after an oil freight train went off the track.
The railway authorities attributed the derailment of nine oil carriages in Rajshahi to negligent repair work on the tracks.
The train from Ishwardi Railway Junction in Pabna was bound for Rahanpur in Chanpainawabganj. The oil carriages went off the track after the train travelled about a kilometre from Sarada Station towards Rajshahi.
Meanwhile, the authorities had recovered four of the nine derailed carriages until 12noon.
A relief train from Ishwardi is being used to remove the other carriages amidst bad weather, railway officials said.
"It will take time to complete the recovery operation," said Rajshahi Railway Station Master Jahidul Islam.
Two night trains from Rajshahi were cancelled after the accident, said the stationmaster. Other train services, including the intercity Banalata Express, Silk City Express on the Dhaka route, Sagardari Express and Kapotakkha Express on Khulna route, Neelphamari-bound Titumir Express, Rajbari-bound Rupsa Express, and a few local trains were suspended on Thursday morning.
According to a railway official, the spikes that nailed down the sleepers under the rail line were removed during the repairs which led to the accident on Wednesday evening.
A few sleepers on the track were left loose after the spikes used to nail it down were removed during the repairs, leading to the accident, he said.
"We have initially found that the track was undergoing repairs when the accident took place," said Bangladesh Railway General Manager (West) Shahidul Islam.
"The old sleepers had been changed but those who were conducting the work had removed a few pins (dog spikes) that are
used to attach the sleepers to the track without putting it back on," he added.
"But the loose sleepers were later covered by stones laid on the track and so the matter did not catch their eye. The accident occurred because of this."
The authorities suspended Bangladesh Railway (West) Assistant Executive Engineer Abdur Rashid in the aftermath of the derailment.
A three-strong probe committee headed by Departmental Transport Officer Abdullah Al Mamun was formed to look into the incident and report back within 72 hours.

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