Dhaka, Bangladesh
China for long term solution

Rohingya crisis

China for long term solution

Beijing seeks closer ties with Dhaka under OBOR

China on Thursday encouraged 'dialogue and consultation' between Bangladesh and Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis and appreciated progress made so far to that direction, reports UNB. "Chinese side will continue to work closely with the relevant parties to promote dialogue and consultation in this regards for a good and long term solution," said Wang Yajun, Assistant Minister, International Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). While replying to a question after briefing the participants about the outcome of the CPC Congress in a city hotel, the CPC leader hoped that they, through this effort, can achieve peace, prosperity and development not only in Bangladesh and Myanmar, but also in the region as a whole. Yajun expressed satisfaction over the signing of an instrument between Bangladesh and Myanmar to repatriate Rohingyas living in Bangladesh saying peace in the neighborhood is always important and it is always blessing to have good and peaceful neighbors in the neighborhood. "We are very happy to note that Bangladesh and Myanmar are making progress in settling the issue," he said. Yajun said China wants to see prosperity and peace in the neighborhood and they will definitely work vigorously in this regard. He said China has been calling upon the international community to create an "enabling environment" to dialogue and consultation to address the Rohingya issue. The CPC leader, who is in Bangladesh in his first visit, said the country has made tremendous effort in giving shelter to Rohingyas. "Chinese side highly appreciates the good gesture from Bangladesh." He, however, said China fully understands the pressure faced by Bangladesh in economic, social and environmental aspects. The CPC leader said China's three-step suggestions to find solution to Rohingya crisis has been acknowledged by both Bangladesh and Myanmar including the international community. Earlier, Awami League Presidium member Faruk Khan sought Chinese support and its influence on Myanmar to find a solution to Rohingya crisis soon. He said solution to the Rohingya crisis is important since China is talking about peace in the region. The former commerce minister was addressing at a thematic briefing on the 19th National Congress of the CPC in a city hotel. The CPC leader laid emphasis on closer cooperation with Bangladesh under One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. He said the countries will work together for a brighter and promising future of the people of the two countries. "Bangladesh is an important partner of China," he said adding that the dreams of Bangladesh and China are similar. The Chinese leader said China is heading towards "strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful China." Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Ma Mingqiang moderated the briefing.

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