Dhaka, Bangladesh
No corruption be tolerated down delivery line: PM
Bangladesh shutdown extended till Apr 9
Limited mass-transport service to operate
Bangladesh shutdown extended till Apr 9News Report Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Tuesday indicated extending the government-declared general holiday to prevent   read more>>
Bangladesh coronavirus cases rise to 51
Two more people have been tested positive in Bangladesh for   read more>>
Holiday may be extended till mid-April
News Report The general holiday underway for ‘social distancing’ to   read more>>
BD to start making ventilators soon 
Palak unveils govt plan
News Report The government will manufacture ventilators by engaging local   read more>>
Recouping economic losses
Unctad for $2.5t in aid to developing countries
The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has called   read more>>
Impact of coronavirus outbreak
RMG workers face bleak future
New mode of production may provide some solace
RMG workers face bleak futureSaiful Anam Garment workers in Bangladesh are facing a grim future for their livelihood as   read more>>
BNP seeks national unity to deal with coronavirus
BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday suggested the   read more>>
Three killed in ‘gunfights’
Two alleged robber gang leaders and a drug trader were   read more>>