Dhaka, Bangladesh
Public Works minister Rezaul moves to Fisheries
Cabinet reshuffle brings changes in 3 portfolios
News Report: Housing and Public Works Minister SM Rezaul Karim   read more>>
Defeat evil forces for public security
PM asks Ansar-VDP at annual parade
News Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged the   read more>>
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited a fair on the premises of Ansar and VDP Academy at Shafipur on Thursday after addressing 40th national rally of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP –P   read more>>
Special petition submitted
Khaleda release: Now or none too soon
News Report: A 'special petition' has been submitted to the   read more>>
Overseas, local jobs both on downturn
Retraining seen as a remedy
News Report: Bangladesh has continued to witness a decline in   read more>>
Titans in transport sector fall in fracas
Shajahan Khan summoned in defamation suit filed by Ilias Kanchan
News Report: Two powerful union leaders in transport sector– former   read more>>
PM mourns loss of life in China in coronavirus
Invites President Xi
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Thursday expressed deep condolences for the   read more>>
Season of life and love
Pahela Falgun today
News Report: The poet sings, 'If winter comes, can spring   read more>>
Artistes performing with songs and dance to celebrate spring festival at Battala of Dhaka University on Thursday – Photo: News Today   read more>>
Hubei coronavirus deaths hop over 200 in a day
14,840 daily infections also reported
BEIJING, Feb 13: China has reported 254 new daily deaths   read more>>
Hubei communist party chief sacked
BEIJING, Feb 13: China has sacked the top political leader   read more>>