Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ruling politicians smell plot, oppn sees lack of control
Worrisome 'price war', transport chaos
Lorry strike called from today * Bus halt traps travelers in districts * Now salt-price hike rubs salinity into onion woes
News Special: Some call it 'price war' as gambling on   read more>>
Plying of inter-district buses was halted on Tuesday as transport workers called strike at Mohakhali bus terminal. Hundreds of truck-lorry workers (inset) staged demonstration at Tejgaon in protest ag   read more>>
High incidence of cancer causes concern
Adolescents and young adults most vulnerable
Mazharul Islam Mitchel: An upturn in the already- prevalent various   read more>>
Huge consumers throng a grocery shop at Karwan Bazar in the city on Tuesday as a rumour spread about the price hike of salt
– Photo: News Today
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Price fixing, transport trouble
14-party smells foul play
Quader warns rumour-mongers
News Desk: A vested quarter is trying to destabilise the   read more>>
Free-Khaleda move Countrywide BNP rallies Nov 23
News Desk: BNP will stage countrywide rallies on November 23,   read more>>
Ex UN chief Ban Ki-moon due Friday
Ex UN chief Ban Ki-moon due FridayFormer UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is scheduled to arrive in Dhaka on Friday on a   read more>>
Adulterated drug sellers should be jailed for life or be hanged: HC
News Desk: As law-enforcers seized huge spurious drugs, the High   read more>>
UN court hears Myanmar genocide case next month
The Hague, Nov 19: Gambia will open its case against   read more>>
Lorry strike called off after meeting some demands
The owners and workers of truck and covered-van have withdrawn   read more>>