Dhaka, Bangladesh
Youths constitute majority of corona patients
Bangladesh confirmed cases cross 60,000, deaths 800
Higher tests trace greater number of infections
News Report: Young people aged between 21 and 40 now   read more>>
Corona suspects waiting for tests at Mugda Medical College Hospital on Friday
– Photo: Star Mail
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Franchise bus service can remedy recurrence of chaos
Accident, rat race, fare anomalies return on roads: health rules in new normal overriden
Mazharul Islam Mitchel: Franchise bus service can remedy the recurrence   read more>>
BR launches two special trains for mango carrying
News Report: Bangladesh Railway launched Friday two special cargo trains   read more>>
Pandemic poses enormous risk to Rohingyas: IOM
The coronavirus pandemic poses an enormous risk to around 1.2   read more>>
14-party leaders seek early recovery of Nasim
News Report Leaders of the 14-party alliance sought early recovery   read more>>
Biman to operate special flight to Italy
News Report: Biman Bangladesh Airlines will operate a charter flight   read more>>
People are too reluctant about maintaining social distance to protect themselves and others from coronavirus infection. The snap was taken from New Market foot overbridge in Dhaka on Friday – Photo:   read more>>
Child suspects freed amid virus risk
News Desk: Authorities in Bangladesh are releasing hundreds of children   read more>>
Trump sued over police charge outside White House
WASHINGTON, June 5: US civil rights groups on Thursday filed   read more>>