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Tiny Books of the Resistance
Tiny Books of the Resistance(From previous issue) The seemingly contradictory notion that liberalism can be a radical position in   read more>>
When now begins
Many works focus on the events and significance of a   read more>>
Reading and Feeling "Hillbilly Elegy"
Reading and Feeling "Hillbilly Elegy"(From previous issue) There is one moment where Vance weighs in on a policy matter,   read more>>
The Case for Lusophone African Literature
The Case for Lusophone African LiteratureA few years ago, I was at an African literature festival that was being held,   read more>>
On Charles J. Rzepka's "Being Cool: The Work of Elmore Leonard"
I WAS IN the airport bookstore in Tallinn, Estonia, when   read more>>
Exactly what gets a book banned from
Last week, following a public outcry, New York governor Andrew   read more>>
Increasing access to literature for young readers
Increasing access to literature for young readersThe PEN World series showcases the important work of the more than 140 centers that   read more>>