Dhaka, Bangladesh
Faster digital financial services
Digital financial services (DFS), presently, are available even in remote   read more>>
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Trump’s new visa rules will not stop terror
The Trump administration is making a great mistake by following   read more>>
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NATO vital to Europe
The US is the central pillar of NATO, yet a YouGov poll conducted for the anniversary indicates only 44 percent support the US role in the alliance, writes Chris Doyle
As the world's largest and most powerful military alliance marks   read more>>
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Exploring new manpower market I
Every-year some 20 lakh youth are entering the labour market in Bangladesh. Jobless growth is a new phenomenon in Bangladesh economy, writes Saleh Abdullah
The present government has a major challenge to explore new   read more>>
Obesity Crisis
A teaspoon of oil, measured out with precision, is how   read more>>