Dhaka, Bangladesh
Plight of street children
It indeed makes a sad and sordid commentary on the   read more>>
In defence of globalisation
Xi’s presence suggests that China is exploring where it can position itself on the world stage, and which elements of globalisation it can harness to its advantage, now that Western powers are turning inward, writes Jim O’Neill
In defence of globalisationI was recently in beautiful Chile for a Futures Congress, and I had a chance   read more>>
Myths and truths about Trump presidency
As unsettling as the prospect may be, it’s better to go in open-eyed, recognizing realities and dispelling myths, including: Trump is unpredictable, writes Albert R. Hunt
To liberal Democrats and a few Republicans: Get over it.   read more>>
Off the track
Acupuncture may cure baby crying
Mariette Le Roux
Swedish researchers said acupuncture “appears to reduce crying” in babies   read more>>
What others say
Angela Merkel’s challenge
It is hard now to remember a time when German   read more>>