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Gold, Satyameva Jayate spin Rs 45cr on India’s Independence Day

Gold, Satyameva Jayate spin Rs 45cr  on India’s Independence Day

After the end of this year's first quarter, Bollywood has some good box-office numbers and figur

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'Rajadheeraj Razzak' goes on air

Big-screen release on August 21 The first-ever historic biopic on

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Karan Johar’s next bets on war films

Karan Johar is probably running some race and, may be,

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How Britain's far left 'sympathises' with the worst of our prejudices

How Britain's far left 'sympathises' with the worst of our prejudices

The personality cult the British left genuflects before reached its apogee last week when the anti-r

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Sanctions on Iran are morally wrong and they won't work

There is no justification for the US action. All sanctions

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‘American Ally in Development’

After spending 28 years working across the world in developing

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People want liveable Dhaka city

Dhaka is the second least liveable city in the world,

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Counterproductive move by the US

THE arrogance of the decision reeks of a hubris that

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Essential steps for a healthy Hajj

But the spirit of Hajj itself remains unchanged, said Rashid Mogradia, CEO of the Council of British Hajjis (CBH), writes Alicia Buller
Essential steps for a healthy Hajj

Today’s Hajj pilgrims will experience unprecedented comfort compared to those of even just 20 year

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Steps against sound pollution

Sound pollution has been the bane of city dwellers in

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Seven shot dead

Daylight gun attack on Khagrachari UPDF function

News Desk Seven people were killed and as many wounded in brushfire in two daylight gun attacks in Khagrachhari district Saturday, amid a resurgence of unrest in the hills. This happens to be one of deadliest spells of 'infighting' by tribal groups since the CHT peace treaty signed two decades ago to end a bush war. With these the number of people killed rose 32 since the 20th anniversary of the CHT Accord marked on December 20 in the midst of disagreements and conflicts among different ethnic groups. Officials and witnesses said gunmen first shot six people dead attacking crowds at a village market in Swanirbhar area of the Sadar upazila at about 7.30am Saturday as United People's Democratic Front...  read more>>


PictorialPerformers pose with mascots ahead of the start of the Asian Games  read more>>

Kofi Annan passes away World leaders mourn

Kofi Annan passes away World leaders mournGENEVA, Aug 18: Former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize  read more>>

Asian Games open in Jakarta

News Report The 18th Asian Games opened amid a spectacular  read more>>

Mobile multinationals siphon off huge sums

CRM alleges, wants call-rate cut to 10 paisa per minute

News Report A consumer-rights body alleged that mobile-phone companies operating  read more>>

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24,000 Rohingyas murdered since August last
Over 24,000 Rohingyas were murdered and 18,000 Rohingya women and   read more>>
JP will remain with AL if BNP goes to polls: Ershad
RANGPUR, Aug 18: Prime Minister's Special Envoy and Jatiya Party   read more>>
End crackdown on protesters: Amnesty
Amnesty International has called on Bangladesh to end the crackdown   read more>>


Call to bring back fugitive killers of Bangabandhu
News Report Speakers at a discussion in the city have   read more>>
Expats urged to work together to build digital Bangladesh
Bangladesh Commissioner to Nigeria Md Shameem Ahsan has urged the   read more>>
CodersTrust opens 2nd unit in city
News Report With an aim to impart world class training   read more>>


All licenced agents to be allowed
News Report Manpower recruiting agencies in Bangladesh hail Malaysian government’s   read more>>
Wall Street stocks end higher on US-China trade hopes
NEW YORK, Aug 18: Wall Street stocks finished solidly higher   read more>>
Rajshahi markets see record sacrificial animal supply
RAJSHAHI, Aug 18: With only three days left for Eid-ul-Azha,   read more>>


BCB looking to facilitate county cricket gigs
Bangladesh Cricket Board is looking to send some of the   read more>>
North & South Korea march together
Sports Desk JAKARTA, Aug 18: North and South Korea marched   read more>>
Bolt arrives in Australia on football quest
SYDNEY, Aug 18: Usain Bolt says he's deadly serious about   read more>>

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Huge hilsha harvest from Bay
News Desk CHANDPUR, Aug 18: Huge hilsa netted from the   read more>>
Consumers' rights protection imperative for sound public health
RAJSHAHI, Aug 18: Proper enforcement of Consumers' Rights Protection Act   read more>>
Resist anti-liberation forces in next poll: Minister
Our Correspondent GAZIPUR, Aug 18: Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM   read more>>

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Mahathir tours Alibaba, meets Jack Ma on China visit
Beijing, Aug 18: Malaysia's leader courted Chinese e-commerce investment in   read more>>
Saudi Arabia prepares for hajj pilgrimage
Saudi Arabia prepares for hajj pilgrimageMecca, Aug 18: Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the annual hajj pilgrimage beginning Sunday, as ove   read more>>
Honduran families traumatised by US-imposed separations
LA LIBERTAD (El Salvador), Aug 17: Since being returned to   read more>>