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Immunity-boosting diet imperative

Two things are crucial for containing the onslaught of coronavirus.

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No corruption be tolerated down delivery line: PM

Bangladesh shutdown extended till Apr 9

Limited mass-transport service to operate

Bangladesh shutdown extended till Apr 9

News Report Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Tuesday indicated extending the government-declared general holiday to prevent the spread of COVID-19 flu till April 9 with some relaxation in transportation and production process. She said limited mass transport should operate for the sake of livelihood. Noting that there could be global economic recession as a fallout from the corona pandemic, the premier stressed production as much as possible, especially in agriculture and fisheries sectors by maintaining necessary social distance. She announced aid packages for the poor for the period of self-quarantine, she warned against any ''corruption'' down the delivery chain. “We’ve announced...  read more>>

Bangladesh coronavirus cases rise to 51

Two more people have been tested positive in Bangladesh for  read more>>

Holiday may be extended till mid-April

News Report The general holiday underway for ‘social distancing’ to  read more>>

BD to start making ventilators soon 

Palak unveils govt plan

News Report The government will manufacture ventilators by engaging local  read more>>

Recouping economic losses

Unctad for $2.5t in aid to developing countries

The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has called  read more>>

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